Real Estate Services

Real estate and property management services  - Monaco and France

•We can advise you on the specific rules of conveyancing.
•In cooperation with the French notary, we review the legal status of the property, building permits, access rights, building guarantees, planning regulations etc.
•We can draft your purchase offer and advise on the preliminary contract.
•We assist you at each step of you purchase from negotiating the terms of the purchase and reviewing legal documentation to completion of the purchase.
•We coordinate the transaction with the notary, the estate agent, the bank and other potential advisors (specialised lawyers, accountants, architects, etc).

•We help you choose the appropriate vehicle of acquisition for your property purchase (French or Monaco SCI, offshore company, European holding etc).
•Moore Stephens can incorporate and manage the company.

•We provide you with an analysis of the tax and civil law implications of your purchase with a view to find the right structure.
•We check the implications of relevant double taxation treaty.
•Together with your local tax advisor, we help you choose the right structure, aiming to minimise tax at the time of the purchase, during the time of ownership and on the future disposal of the property by sale or on death.

•Moore Stephens can provide tailor-made solutions with regard to asset protection, privacy and estate planning.

•We can assist you in selecting the most suitable credit offers, mortgages and other financing techniques in the light of your personal taxation and asset protection needs.
•We can structure the financing (external loan/current account) and organise the lending procedure so that it is well in place at the time of the purchase.
•You may want to release equity from your property; we can assist with this and investigate the consequences.

Accounting & Administration
•Moore Stephens can provide directorship for your company and manage it on a day-to-day basis (manage relations with suppliers, organise bank accounts and deal with payments, deal with employment matters and salary slips for household staff, attend co-owners general meetings etc).
•We keep accounts conforming to local accountancy rules; we establish annual balance sheet and provide the appropriate legal documentation in this respect (shareholders’ meetings etc).
•We can deal with all tax declarations in France or in Monaco both for the company and for the individual shareholder or property owner.
•Relocation questions may arise on the acquisition and Moore Stephens can assist with residence permit applications and other personally related issues such as import of cars and change of driving licence.